Levou zadní is a three-part series of materials for teaching Czech as a second language for teenagers aged 14-18. The materials were developed within the framework of the One-Year Preparatory Course for study at Czech Secondary School (2016-2019) held by META, o.p.s. and Centrum pro integraci cizinců with the support of The Velux Foundations.

The One-Year Course in a total range of 1 140 hours per year combines the teaching of Czech as a second language with teaching 8 basic topics from elementary school. Students are thus increasing their chances of success at admission tests and they can more easily manage the transition to secondary school in the Czech Republic.

The textbook “Levou zadní I” –  Czech language for beginners includes:

  • 12 basic A1-A2 communication real life topics to engage the teenage students
  • reading, writing, speaking and listening practice
  • introduction to Czech culture and history
  • many pronunciation activities
  • a lot of illustrative illustrations
  • modern and clear design

“Levou zadní I” Czech as a Second Language – Czech Language Textbook for Beginners (2018) sample

META učebnice Levou zadní I.

The first part of the textbook “Levou zadní I” is designed for complete beginners and after finishing it the students will reach level A1-A2. The course is designed for about 360 hours of lessons without intermediate language. The textbook also uses Czech linguistic terminology to correspond with the teaching of Czech grammar in schools.

The textbook is used in the One-Year Course for the first 12 weeks (mid-September to mid-December) to provide students with an introduction to basic communication topics from common teenager life. The following part of the study year connects the teaching of Czech language with the teaching of elementary school subjects. Follow-up teaching materials, which are now being created and tested, combine school subjects teaching with language teaching.

The first part contains the following topics: Introducing, in the Classroom, at School, Orientation in the City, Leisure Time, Food and Drink, History and Famous Personalities, Home, at the Doctor, The Czech Republic and my Country. In each lesson, the textbook focuses on developing all language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and partly also on teaching Czech history and culture.

“Levou zadní I” – Workbook (2018) sample

Workbook Levou zadní Iis a supplementary material used to practice the topics of the textbook.

It focuses mainly on vocabulary, grammar and writing. Emphasis is also put on the practice of correct pronunciation and spelling. For this reason, the it is not very suitable for self-taught, but rather for group teaching in class and interaction with the teacher.

We are planning

  • Levou zadní II
  • Czech grammar guide

We hope that you will enjoy working with this textbook!